Everybody sells home automation
We create
intelligent home
I'd like to live smart
Everybody sells home automation
We create
intelligent home
I'd like to live smart
Everybody sells home automation
We create
intelligent home
I'd like to live smart

The Future Within Reach

What many people only dream about will become your everyday reality. A lot of people have luxury items, but only you will have the comfort of the future. Feel the comfort of luxury today with the state-of-the-art futuristic technologies ranging from multimedia and entertainment systems to comfortable control of your home with voice command or a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Whoever experiences it will not want to go back to the past.

Sauna control

Enjoy comfort and carefreeness

Think of more important concerns than switching off the lights inside your house, controlling your air conditioning system, roller blinds, or doors. Your Smart Home can focus on all of this. It will learn your habits and fully adapt to your behaviour without bothering you with anything, so you can throw your worries about your home to the wind. And most importantly, it is absolutely reliable, does not talk back and keeps going without rest; simply a perfect modern servant that will allow you to focus on your hobbies and having fun.

Room & multimedia control

Get Ahead of Your Time

Be ahead of the game and experience what others will in the future. You do not need to stand in long queues for the latest models of products. With a Smart Home, all of these products are included in your home. You will show your neighbors a futuristic way of living. Plus, you will have much more free time because the house itself performs as many as 50,000 operations annually for you.

Alarm activation

Keep Yourself Secure

Your Smart Home will protect your property and your family, and will provide you with a feeling of security, whether you are at home or away. A unique combination of security technologies and an automatic response to unexpected events will make your home an oasis of peace and security without sacrificing your privacy. You can always see who is at home and what is happening there while you are away.

Smart Home Functions

Imagine a home that fulfils your wishes before you speak them. Our Smart Home will think about security or energy savings for you and will prepare a pleasant environment for you every day to which you will want to return. Popular music in every room you enter? A Sauna or bathtub with preheated water at the moment you come home from drizzling winter sleet? Invite yourselves into the world of comfort and convenience.

The Atmosphere of Lights

Proper interior lighting will create an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. Your Smart Home sets an appropriate composition of lighting and will adapt it to your needs and habits. You will be able, at any time, to turn on lights appropriate for incoming visitors, watching TV or a romantic dinner, and all that without having to run around to find several switches.

Music and Entertainment

The correct choice of music can bring domestic tranquillity. Your Smart Home can also take care of this. Music will automatically play wherever you are, even when you move between rooms, without you having to turn on or search for anything. Interconnection with the home’s music database and internet servers will ensure that you always have what you feel like listening to.

Heating & Cooling Systems

A pleasant temperature will contribute to your comfort. Your Smart Home will set the correct temperature in the house. It will activate the heating in winter or run the air conditioning on hot summer days and after returning home, you will not have to wait until the home is heated up or cooled down, everything will be ready before your arrival. Your Smart Home will save energy, for example, by switching off the heater when a window is opened.

Sauna Control

We are sure you want to go to the sauna without worrying about how long in advance you need to turn the timer on, set the correct temperature, fill the cooling pool, and to remember to turn everything off after you have enjoyed it. Your Smart Home will take care of this for you. Simply communicate via mobile phone that you are going to use sauna at a particular time and then come home and everything, including the appropriate relaxing lighting, will be prepared for you.

Security & Monitoring

Home security is a standard service nowadays. The presence of a security system within the Smart Home, however, brings a new level of comfort and feeling of security. Your Smart Home will take care of the encoding and decoding of your home according to who is in it, and also responds correctly to any intrusion by unauthorized persons by, for example, pulling up the blinds or switching on the lights in the whole house or apartment.

Voice Control

For many years, home voice control has seemed to be something out of a sci-fi movie, however, with our Smart Home system it is becoming a reality. It is much more convenient for a user to give a voice command than to get up to pick the remote control or to find the appropriate button on a tablet or mobile phone. Our Smart Home will quickly learn to recognize your commands, allowing you to control lights, temperature and music from the comfort of your armchair or couch.

Integration of the Devices

In today’s home, people can control many automated features remotely. The user, then, gets lost in numerous different remote controls and individual systems do not see each other. Our Smart Home offers integration of all of these devices so that they can work together and, in particular, were manageable from one location, which gives the user a number of advantages.

Energy Savings

Whether the motivation for energy savings is the effort to promote ecology and/or the need to save money, it is a welcome thing. Smart Home carefully guards the efficient use of all energy-consuming systems to optimize their functioning so that the energy in the house is saved as much as possible, from the regulation of lighting and heating, to smart control of the boiler, the use of solar systems and batteries or exported heating of the swimming pool.

Central & Remote Control

In many cases, it is useful to control your Smart Home remotely at the time when you are away from home, e.g. if you need to come home unexpectedly and it is necessary to heat up, or if you just need to monitor remotely who is at home. Our Smart Home can ensure all this directly from your mobile phone or computer wherever you are and with protection against unauthorized access to the home control.

For the automation solutions, we use premium components of the world's leading company Loxone. Thanks to high scalability and support of standards, such as KNX, Modbus, RS-485, Ethernet and others, we work with a fully scalable system that allows us to implement almost anything. Using all these components, we create our intelligent solutions. Loxone logo

How to Proceed

To really optimize your home’s intelligence, it's best to count on smart electrical installation from the very beginning. The same way as you plan the layout of your home with an architect, we will plan smart electrical installation together. Just arrange an appointment and we will be fully available to you. If you already have your house or apartment finished and you do not want to make any further intervention, it is possible to deploy a completely wireless solution.

  • Naplánujte své sny

    Your Dreams

    What exactly will your dream home look like?

    Surely, you have some ideas about your own home. Think of what would make your life more pleasant and what things you would like to get rid of. It may be automatic switching off, security system, heating interconnected with your calendar, or maybe automatic filling of the bathtub.

  • Připravujeme projekt

    Design Preparation

    Cooperation with an Architect

    The moments when you create the design together with an architect are ideal for planning the electrical installation. We ourselves live in smart houses or apartments, therefore you can ask us which are the features that make our lives most easy and which we would never give up.

  • Svatba domova

    Construction of a Home

    Selection and Integration of Devices

    While the construction company is building your new home, we prepare the integration of all the devices that you have selected. You should have in mind already during the selection that some components are easy to connect, whereas some may be more complicated to connect. We can help you with the selection of devices that will provide the best solution, and then connect everything.

  • Učení a programování

    Learning & Programming

    Teach your home how you wish to live

    To feel at home naturally and comfortably, it will be necessary for your systems to learn your habits and what you like doing. This will be our concern. You just tell us how you would like it to be.

  • Vy bydlíte, my udržujeme

    You live

    We maintain

    You don´t need to be concerned about reliability or safety. We regularly upgrade all installations and add functions that have previously been unavailable. We monitor them as well, and check safety of the system, so we often know earlier than our customers that something will require reconfiguration or replacement.

Our People

We are not afraid of our products. Everyone in our team has Smart Home, enjoying its unique comfort, safety and atmosphere.

Miroslav Padalík

Miroslav Padalík

Managing Director (MD)

 +420 724 377 049
Vojtěch Zavřel

Vojtěch Zavřel

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

 +420 604 441 132
Jan Páral

Jan Páral

Project Manager

 + 420 720 311 240
Lukáš Matěna

Lukáš Matěna

Smart Home Consultant

 +420 733 431 968
Petr Dvořák

Petr Dvořák

Obchodní ředitel

 +420 774 601 316
Emilie Padalíková

Emilie Padalíková

Back office

 +420 724 377 059
Petr Woff

Petr Woff

Smart Home Evangelist

 +420 778 168 417
Radek Kříž

Radek Kříž

Security Officer

 +420 603 415 659
Lucie Firková

Lucie Pelcová

Marketing Specialist

 + 420 776 236 266
Petr Zeman

Petr Zeman

Smart Home Engineer

 +971 55 480 6275
Josef Tesarčík

Josef Tesarčík

Smart Home Engineer

 +420 604 137 445
Tomáš Zavřel

Tomáš Zavřel

Lead Electrician

 +420 608 628 410

Other coleagues

  • Jiří Mikulášek
  • Petr Šlinz
    wireless engineer

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